Club Permits

Club Permit Guidelines

Club Permits are available to members who wish to drive veteran, vintage, classic and historic vehicles on public roads. These cars are over 25 years old and the permit scheme assists enthusiasts by reducing the costs of operating older vehicles. Melton Motor Sports Club participates in this scheme for members who wish to obtain a permit for club related vehicles.

The vehicles must be in safe roadworthy condition. The club considers the following to be safe:

  • Slightly Modified and unmodified vehicles conforming to the Victorian road regulations.
  • CAMS log booked rally cars meeting the current requirements of the vehicles classification and group.

To gain the clubs consent, the vehicle will need to be presented for initial inspection with a valid road worthy certificate(RWC ) as per the revised VicRoads Club Permit regulations. Existing vehicles with a club permit will be eligible for renewal without a RWC under the current regulations.

The club has the right to notify Vic-Roads if they believe the vehicle is not being used in the spirit of club permit, which may result in the permit being revoked.


For further information see the Vicroads Website.

If you wish to speak to a member of the club about Club Permit directly, please come along to a monthly meeting or send a message to us on our Facebook page.