The Commitee

MMSC is run by a 100% volunteer team dedicated to developing various forms of motorsport in Victoria.

President: Ryan Clinnick

Ryan has been involved in various forms of motorsport since his late teen years. Going from Drifting, to Circuit Racing and now gravel rallying, Ryan currently competes in the Victorian Rally Championship Excel series.

Vice President: Liam Richards

Some say he put an RB in a Lexan, and that touching his beard gives you DK like abilities……. All we know is he’s Vice Prez.

Secretary: Simon Pilepich

A Suzuki tragic that believes that all engines should be 2L or less. Would like to own a real car one day. Simon is a dedicated VCAS competitor and competes in events all around Victoria.

Treasurer: Jarryd Sweeney

A long time member of the club and an active competitor in VCAS as well as Victorian rally events.

Public Officer: Peter Sweeney

Pete come to us from the Way Back machine and has been rallying since forever.

Membership Secretary: Phil Hudson

Minister of Grants: Mick O’Laughlan

Minister of  Geeks: Ryan Clinnick

VCAS Rep: Thuong Hoang

VCRS Rep: Simon Pilepich